Advantages of a Brick and Mortar Business

Brick and mortar businesses are supposed to be dying out, but is that the case?

It doesn’t have to be. 

The virtual marketplace has a lot of benefits, but it also has drawbacks which are fulfilled by brick and mortar businesses.

Let’s take a look at what those advantages are.

1) Physical Location Creates Trust

The average person will have grown up appreciating tangible experiences. This means they’re able to walk up to a product, pick it up, and then determine if it is what they want.

If not, they move on.

The simplicity of this is what makes brick and mortar businesses a real success.

Most people enjoy the experience, and online stores can’t do this for them.

This is always seen with clothing stores where fitting plays a role.

2) Gives Brand A Face

Does your brand have a face? When people look at a brick and mortar face, they’re able to relate to the physical location and the staff.

This is the power of an actual store.

3) Easier To Focus On

Sometimes, when you have everyone competing against you, it’s hard to focus. You won’t know what to do because you have so many people who are selling the same thing in a virtual setup.

A brick and mortar business doesn’t have such issues.

You will have a geographical advantage based on where you’re located, and this will help you situate yourself and emphasize the location.

These are the benefits of a good brick and mortar business in this day and age. Too many people think going online is a must when that doesn’t have to be the case. You will still have a robust target market that’s ready to come to a tangible location. Sometimes, it’s easier to manage one location, and that’s a delightful positive to have up your sleeve.

Home-Based Businesses

Many people struggle with a home based business. But this is not because it is hard, it is because they have not gone through proper education and do not have the right mindset. These home based business tips should hopefully get you started on the right track:
Products or Services To Sell – First of all, decide what your market is and what products or services you are going to sell to them. I like selling products because services can often be time-consuming to manage and you can only take on a limited number of clients. With products, you create it once and sell it over and over again. I would suggest selling information products such as ebooks, video, and audio guides because you can automate your marketing and easily scale your business.
Free Traffic – Article marketing and blogging are excellent free traffic methods that can lead to you earning a healthy residual income. This is because you are building your own online real estate with each piece of content that you produce. It is not temporary marketing. Each article is permanent and will generate traffic on autopilot for years and years. When you have got to the stage of having thousands of pieces of content out there on the internet, then you will have all the traffic you need.
Paid Traffic – Paid traffic is quicker and involves buying email solo ads, placing banner ads (what’s this?) on other websites, as well as running pay per click campaigns and large scale media buys on multiple websites. However, you need to know your metrics to make paid advertising work and have it clear in your mind what your average lifetime customer value is and your conversion ratios so that you know what cost per lead you can or cannot afford.
High Ticket Home Based Business – Make sure you promote high ticket products in your backend sales funnel with whatever business opportunity you join. This is important to really make paid advertising worthwhile. With paid advertising, you often have to go through a lot of leads before you find people to buy your products. So to be able to scale your business your average customer value needs to be very high. High-ticket products in your sales funnel is the way to achieve this. Top-tier network marketing opportunities often include promoting live events and seminars and coaching programs.
As you start a home based business look to “plug in” to a system that gives you all of these above essentials: affiliate products to promote, traffic generation education, lead capture pages, and a high ticket sales funnel.